Who We Are

Timeline Of Grace Chapel

  • November 1998


    With Scott Smith as our lead pastor, we begin with an unexpected 200 people on our 1st Sunday

  • August 1999

    Boones Ferry Days

    We take an active role in Boones Ferry Days, later to become Fun in the Park

  • October 2000

    2nd Service

    Is launched to address our growth

  • July 2002

    Mission Trip

    We send out our first missions team to Nicaragua to build medical facilities

  • September 2002

    James Allison

    Becomes Lead Pastor

  • March 2005

    Launch Groups

    With 80% of the congregation involved

  • July 2005

    Africa New Life

    Relationship begins with a trip to Rwanda, an orphanage is built, and over 100 children sponsored

  • September 2006

    Worship Center Moves

    Into our Boeckman location, giving more space for Sunday gatherings

  • December 2007

    Advent Conspiracy

    We re-think the Christmas season and how we can impact the world for Christ

  • December 2007

    Living Water International

    Partnership begins. We take 2-3 short term mission trips annually to drill wells. We also provide resources to build 8-10 wells a year

  • March 2008

    Annual Rummage Sale

    Begins with all proceeds going to fight poverty and hunger

  • April 2009

    Mike Tatlock

    Becomes lead pastor

  • August 2010

    Faith In Real Life

    Pastor Mike’s book on our model of community is published

  • May 2011

    May Justice Reign

    Begins. It’s now an annual emphasis on justice in the world

  • September 2011


    Grace Chapel joins five area churches for seven weeks of gathered prayer for the Portland region

  • October 2012


    We establish our Rhythms. A set of values and disciplines that guide the focus of our ministries

  • January 2015

    Heart Of The City

    A reimagining of our facilities so we can extend our impact into the community

  • January 2016

    24/7 Prayer

    We begin a twice yearly rhythm of praying around the clock for our church and our community

  • May 2018

    Church And Office Move

    After the Boeckman Road property was purchased, we now hold our Sunday services at Meridian Creek Middle School

  • June 2018

    New Home Purchased

    We had the incredible opportunity to purchase a building in Wilsonville on the I-5 corridor

Our Rhythms


The Christ- Centered Life:

Jesus declares that dying to self, dying to our agendas, dying to our preferences and ideals, and making Him the center of our lives actually leads to a full, abundant, and meaningful life.


The Spirit-Filled Life:

Instead of our feeble, inadequate, and debilitated striving, Jesus promised the provision of the Holy Spirit. He has provided us with an endless supply of His life being lived through us, and in spite of us, by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


Community With Others:

As image-bearers of God, humanity was created to live in community. The church is in its greatest expression of love when we live in close proximity with each other as a community that gathers around the person of Jesus. Discipleship happens best in the context of relationships as we invite, invest, and inspire one another.


Prayer & Humility:

Aligning is about creating space in our schedules to meet with God, giving Him permission to search our hearts and minds for any thought, feeling, or motive that is out of alignment with all that He desires for us.


Into The Misery & Margins:

Stepping into the margins is more than awareness or advocacy, its about associating, sharing life, and rescuing those who have been ignored and victimized by this cruel world. We share love in practical ways and share the gospel boldly in order to heal the sick and set the captives free.


All That We Have:

Leveraging all that we have for God’s greater purpose is about realizing that all we have has been entrusted to us by God so we can play a part in his redemptive story for this world and my life.


The Word In & Through Us:

The Bible is more than a how-to, self - help book. Breathing God’s Word is about taking a deep breath and inhaling all that He desires for us to absorb. At the same time, His Word is not intended to just remain in us but that we would exhale and share His message to those around us.


Baptism & Communion:

Being a follower of Jesus means being a part of something bigger than our individual selves. Baptism and communion are sacred experiences that represent both the individual inward commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus and the corporate outward declaration of being connected to a local community of Christ followers—the local church.


Family on Mission:

A family that serves God by being on His mission, changing the lives they touch as well as their own. As families pray together, discuss God’s Word together, serve together and love a broken world together it empowers them to live out their faith side-by-side.


Glorifying & Enjoying God:

Worship is a lifestyle that permeates every aspect of our lives. Worship is seen in how we manage our money, how we run our businesses, how we parent our kids, how we respond to people, and how we manage our dreams and ambitions. The heart of worship is a heart that seeks God’s presence and enjoys God for who He is and all that He has done for us.

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