A Generosity Initiative Of Grace Chapel

Our Concern

What bothers and drives us?


We believe that humanity is broken and fragmented.

Our Cause

How do we address this concern?


To experience and express the essence of Jesus Christ


Who We Are

Grace Chapel started with a vision to “Give Itself Away”.

We want every resource we have to be used to benefit the surrounding community. So that more and more people will come to “Experience and Express the essence of Jesus!”

I remember coming to Grace Chapel for the first time in 2004. We felt so loved and welcomed that Grace instantly became a home for us. Home is where you feel like you’re part of a family and belong to something special. Just like we felt fourteen years ago, we continue to hear people say over and over again, “Grace just feels like home”.

-Pastor Mike Tatlock

A Church That Gives Itself Away

For The Kingdom Launch

Our Primary Goal Is
100% Participation

Our Primary Goal Is
100% Participation

What Is For The Kingdom About?


The Bible tells us that as Jesus traveled from one place of worship to another,

“[The] Kingdom was his theme”. Then, as word spread through the entire region, “People brought anybody with an ailment, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Jesus healed them, one and all. More and more people came, the momentum gathering” (Matthew 4:23-25 MSG).

“For The Kingdom” is about aligning ourselves with this theme and mission of Jesus.
We are called to bring the values of the kingdom to intersect with the brokenness of our world.

A Multi-Purpose Space


Plans are underway to construct a 38,000 square foot space.
This will involve renovating an existing two- story, 20,000 square foot building and adding to it a 18,000 square foot lobby and multi-purpose worship space, doubling as a sports court.

Grace Chapel started with a vision to “Give Itself Away”. We want every resource we have, including our meeting space to be used to benefit the surrounding community, not just Grace Chapel and we are excited to finally have a permanent facility to call “home”. As we have seen with our Heart of the City outreach center, having a permanent meeting place in our community will make it possible to expand how we serve the community so that more people than ever before will come to “Experience and Express the essence of Jesus”!

Justice and Compassion Initiatives

Resources from our For The Kingdom generosity initiative will be commited to the following projects to make a difference in people's lives both domestically and internationally.

We have an amazing opportunity with one of our longest partners to build a church in Rwanda. We desire to not just build something for ourselves in Wilsonville, but to build a church for our brothers and sisters in Rwanda who are in desperate need. The need for churches in Rwanda is very high. Earlier this year, over 7,000 churches were closed because the government deemed them structurally unsafe. The church we are building will be a focal point of the community. This new church building will be a place of worship multiple times a week, it will be a gathering and meeting center for the community, and it will include the sponsorship offices for the children in their community. Our prayer is that through this local church, the Great Commission of making disciples will be unleashed!
The impact of a clean water well in a community that does not have access to clean water is nothing less than amazing. We are committing resources to Living Water International (LWI) to build more wells which will lead people to Jesus. Through our partnership with LWI, we will be partnering with local churches in other countries to provide a basic humanitarian need, care for the community, and give people a chance to hear the message of Jesus.
Heart of the City (“HOC”) is making a difference in the Wilsonville and South Metro area. We are growing every month and are seeing more and more people cared for and loved. The growth of Heart of the City is out pacing the resources and donations it is receiving. This is why we are committing resources to help fund HOC so everyone that finds themselves marginalized, broken, or in need of help, can find real hope, dignity, value, and the love of Jesus.

We Believe This Facility Will Accomplish These Things:


More people will hear the gospel and experience the love of Jesus


It will enhance the experience for teens and children within our church and city


It will give our ministries and our city multi-purpose spaces for gatherings


It will provide a permanent and visible presence in our region


It will create more accessibility for more people to experience our weekend gatherings

How You Can Get Involved






Next Steps

One Fund

During this two year period every aspect of Grace Chapel will be included in One Fund.

One Fund will fully resource the ministry, mission and projects of Grace Chapel as a church, in the community, and in the world.

The For the Kingdom (FTK) One Fund will open on Nov 1st and the 24 month commitment time frame runs from Dec 1 2018 - Nov 30 2020. It is beneficial to have liquid resources available as we enter the next phase of FTK and so we will provide an opportunity for those who are able to kickstart the One Fund on Sunday, Nov 4th by receiving a corporate offering during services.

We are asking everyone to do two things:


Pray about your level of involvement


Come to a decision about your financial commitment to give to the overall mission of Grace Chapel for the next two years.

As you look at the giving ladder below, we are asking you to consider how you can take a next step in your generosity.


I give beyond my tithe to Grace Chapel.


Percentage Giver

I faithfully give 10% of my income.


Consistent Giver

I give consistently, but less than 10%.


First Time Giver

I intend to give to Grace Chapel for the first time.


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